Nicholas Barrett’s Mission Statement.

My mission; to empower and inspire the human spirit one person at a time through using my unique gifting and talents, together with my life’s experiences to help improve the quality of peoples’ daily lives. In my varied roles as author, speaker, church group leader, nutritionist it is my goal to help the many who are struggling within their circumstances. My work will never be done as the need is endless.

If we are human we are certain to have changing circumstances. My passion is in showing people that they can use their circumstances as a blessing. Through turning them from road blocks to renewed flawing paths of opportunity. By guiding them they will become empowered to live the life that He intended for each one. In realizing that we can have a life much greater by moving away from self-focus and turning instead to purpose will be life changing. as it will become revealed the smallness and pain that their self-focus has otherwise offered them.