New Show on VoiceAmerica & WorldTalk Radio Networks – Starts 11/4/2015!

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Nicholas Barrett will be hosting a new show on VoiceAmerica & WorldTalk Radio Networks running from 11/4/1025 – 2/16/2016. Check out the folowing link for more details:

Reverend Nicholas Barrett, renowned performance coach/nutritionist and psychologist, is also an author and speaker specializing in the areas of human development. His books include Mind Set to Fitness and Get Out of Mind Jail. It is out of his life experiences that he has become aware that life can be much like an onion in that the deeper we go, the more layers we discover about ourselves and the more we become renewed by this knowledge. Rev. Nicholas feels the tragedy is not that we die, but that we take so long to start living. After losing both of his parents tragically in close succession, Nicholas has gone forward with even greater strength and faith, dedicating his life to helping others on their walk. It is his desire and purpose to deliver a unique and powerful message that will be life changing and empowering to all ages and ethnicities. In his varied roles as author, speaker, church group leader, and nutritionist, it is Nicholas’ goal to help the many who are struggling.

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