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Reverend Nicholas Barrett, renowned performance coach and psychologist, is also an author and public speaker, specializing in all areas of human development. His books include Mind Set to Fitness, and Get out of Mind Jail. The former was inspired from his passion to make people’s lives better through his previous experiences working with countless clients over 17 years in his health and wellness business.

In his spiritual journey, he strives to be the best version of himself with each new day. Using his passion in the study of human psychology, together with his life challenges and wisdom gained, he has written Get out of Mind Jail.

After losing both his parents tragically in close succession, Rev. Nicholas has gone forward with even greater strength and faith, dedicating his life to helping others on their walk. His mission is to empower, elucidate, and inspire the human spirit one person at a time through his unique gifting and talents, to deliver a message that would be life changing. Rev. Nicholas delivers his content both publicly and privately.