LA Talk Radio – Total Transformation Radio Show Interview #1

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Nicholas Barrett was featured on a radio talk show called LA Talk Radio, and got the chance to share his perspective on Transformation.

From the radio show:

Today’s special guest, is Mr. Nicholas Barrett, a renowned performance coach/nutritionist and psychologist, is also known as author and speaker specializing in the areas of human development. With over 17 years of experience, he as authored books such as “Mind Set To Fitness” and “Get Out Of Mind Jail”. He has always found joy in empowering his clients in their journeys, as watching them succeed taught him that reaching a destination always marks the start of another journey. Nicholas feels the tragedy is not that we die, but that we take so long to start living. He doesn’t expect to change human nature with what he does, though he does hope to lift the consciousness of those whom he reaches through step-by-step techniques for change. After losing both his parents tragically to close succession Nicholas has gone forward with even greater strength and faith, dedicating his life to helping others on their walk to success and victory!

Check it out here:


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